Open C-Bus Serial Protocol Documents

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The following documents are available:

C-Bus Quick Start Guide.pdf (89KB)

C-Bus Interface Requirements.pdf (207KB)

Serial Interface User Guide.pdf (433KB)

C-Bus Applications.pdf (78KB)

Access Control Application.pdf (72KB)

Air Conditioning Application.pdf (320KB)

Clock and Timekeeping Application.pdf (150KB)

Enable Control Application.pdf (60KB)

Error Reporting Application.pdf (286KB)

HVAC Actuator Application.pdf (32KB)

Irrigation Application.pdf (32KB)

Lighting Application.pdf (247KB)

Measurement Application.pdf (77KB)

Media Transport Control Application.pdf (181KB)

Metering Application.pdf (74KB)

Pools Spas Ponds and Fountains Application.pdf (32KB)

Security Application.pdf (136KB)

Telephony Application.pdf (76KB)

Temperature Broadcast Application.pdf (57KB)

Trigger Control Application.pdf (116KB)

Ventilation Application.pdf (32KB)